Hello, I’m Bridget.

I’m a spatial experience designer located in Los Angeles, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m particularly interested in telling stories through spaces, creating moments of magic, and getting people excited about things they might not have considered before. I'm personally driven by the potential for design to yield societal, psychological, and physical benefits to all. I can find and instill passion in all types of projects and fields of design.

Graduated with Distinction status in 2023 with a BS in Environmental Design from ArtCenter College of Design.

    Axel Lives Scholarship Award Winner
    Takifuji Art Award Finalist

I’m currently open to work - if you like my portfolio or think we would work well together drop me a line.

︎     @brfl.studio
︎     bridgetreidFL@gmail.com
︎     Resume Upon Request

Everything displayed on this site was sketched, designed, modeled, rendered, and put together by Bridget Reid Fischer-Linkogle unless otherwise stated. This exludes reference images and other conceptual brand partnerships.

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