Exposure (2023)

For the graduating term of ArtCenter Environmental Design, the class has to work together to design and put on an exhibition showcasing our collective work from our time at ArtCenter. This is Exposure.
I was one of the Project Managers - some of my responsibilities were:
-overseeing the project timeline and deliverables
-coordinating and documenting team meetings and tasks
- managing budget, purchases and deliveries
- organizing/updating templates and files for team use
- directing toward a cohesive vision and design

Exposure ended up being 10 cardboard and rope platforms with individualized walls displaying our design sensibilities. Thanks to this clever use of materiality, we were able to come in about 50% under budget. We rented high quality projectors mounted on the Grad Show walls to show videos we had put together featuring our work. This exhibition was shown at the Pasadena Convention Center for a 5 days as a part of the ArtCenter Grad Show.

In this project I was able to gain experience with event set-up, budgeting, collaborative design, projector operation, and team leadership.


Projection Content

This five minute video is a “best hits” of the work I did at ArtCenter, played on pre-loaded SD cards in the projectors above our individual platforms. One could walk by and see one project and then come back again to see a different one, or stay engaged for the full duration before it looped again. The white trim cast light up the cardboard walls, and the “need a spark” section illuminated a stack of custom matchboxes I used as business cards. Other timed squares of light lit up different models when that particular project was being talked about. The bottom stars lined up with the floor-to-wall vinyl leading up to our names. This video was done in After Effects.

Process Documentary

A short film documenting the process of creating a graduation exhibition over just 14 weeks. This collaborative effort was to design, build, and execute a display featuring the collective work of the Spring 2023 graduating class from the Spatial Experience Design department of the ArtCenter College of Design. Exposure was up for the 4-day duration of ArtCenters' Spring 2023 Grad Show.
We are Team Exposure, and this was our journey. Documented and edited by Valerie Peng.

Featuring Team Exposure Members:
Ana-Paola Laveaga:
Bridget Reid Fischer-Linkogle: https://brfl.studio/
Crystal Li: https://crystallistudio.cargo.site/
Eunji So: https://www.eunjiso.com/
Kelly Ye: https://kellyye.info/
Tim Lin: https://clin1929.wixsite.com/ctl-design
Valerie Peng: https://readymag.com/u1930212125/4166749/
Wei Heng Hsu: https://weihenghsu.com/
Xinyu Gao: xinyuarchitect@gmail.com
Yizhou Lu: https://yldesign.info/

Miao Miao & Scott Franklin of NONdesigns http://www.nondesigns.com/